Friday, 25 October 2013

ManHunt Shaving Cream - Men's Grooming

Hello everyone! I think I have done all the things I had to prior to writing my first review on this blog.

Today I am writing a review of the product: "ManHunt Shaving Cream"

I bought ManHunt Sahving Cream as a filler to avail a discount which needed a minimum cart value during online shopping a few weeks back. I wasn't quite sure of my purchase since I have never heard of the name of this company before, leave alone the product! But then, I wasn't having a good time with the old ones I was using till then. Dettol made my skin dry and so did Palmolive and Old Spice. I did try Vi-John too, but well it was worse. Finally I bout Axe, though before I could try it, ManHunt arrived and I thought to give it a try first.

Lather: 5 on 5

Now, it was an amazing experience, seriously! I didn't expect that. The cream lathers perfectly, I mean just perfectly! As compared to the other ones I have used, I require ManHunt in half the quantity as others. The lather in simple words is superb. It doesn't even over-dries my skin like the others did.

Cost: 10 on 5 :D

The cost part, it is quite pocket friendly and cheap as compared to others :D Moreover when it is required in half the quantity, well it makes it even cost-effective! :) Moreover I think there is a forever 40% extra on the tubes! :D

Commercial of ManHunt Shaving Foam:

Smell: 2 on 5

The smell of the shaving cream is just bearable. But when thought to be called good or bad, I would say, it is not good. Although since most people use After Shave lotions, ManHunt Shaving Cream's fragrance is light enough to be easily hidden by any good After Shave Lotion :)

Side Effect

I saw no side effects as such. The packaging said the shaving cream contains Tea Tree Oil which keeps the skin moist and prevents over-dryness. I would say it is true. It doesn't let the skin become over-dried as most other shaving creams did to me.

Brand Value and Manufacturing

I don't know if many people know this name. Atleast this Shaving Cream is not popular in New Delhi, India even though it is manufactured at Wazirpur Industrial Area.

Official Website:

Overall: 4 on 5

My overall experience have been really good with this Shaving Cream and I recommend it to all. I am sure you'll come across it on several Indian Online Shopping Websites :) If they improve their fragrance, I am sure I would never buy any other shaving cream! :D


  1. red one smells better

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  3. Dude! You haven't used Axe right? I mean Axe denim. It smells the best and lathers well even with a small quantity

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Axe is a great product, but Manhunt is quite inexpensive, which makes it a good choice too. :)

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