Friday, 31 January 2014

MoserBaer Swivel USB Flash Drive - Memory/Storage Devices

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to review MoserBaer Swivel USB Flash Drive. I am using 8GB USB2.0 Pen Drive to review, though some broad ones apply to all.


Talking about the looks, since Red is my favourite colour, I'd say it looks awesome! It is not red to be precise, it is rather, maroon-ish, deep dark red you may say. The body is translucent sort of so you can see the circuitry a little bit. It looks nice overall.

I'd say 4.5/5 for the looks. Why not 5/5? Well, it could have been better, we all have seen decorative Pen Drives, right?


Packaging is great. The cuts you see on the pic are because I clicked the pics after unpacking the pen drive. The packaging is good because it is nicely packed and easy to open. Else some tough packed PDs are so difficult to unpack! That's why I say it is nicely packed.

4.5/5 for the packing! Not 5/5 because if the packing was such that I could keep the PD back in the packing after use, like a box type pack, it'd been better.


If you get a deal below 400 INR it is an okay deal, and if you get it below 320, it's real awesome and worth it! I bought it @Rs. 319 so I was quite happy. The Pen Drive is good and reliable so don't worry.

Technical Specs

The above results are through the Windows Checkdisk I ran on the Pen Drive after formatting it in NTFS file system. This flash drive has:

  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • 8GB capacity(Gives around 7.8GB)
  • Swivel style
  • Read Speed, upto 16MBps(According to my tests)
  • Write Speed, upto 6-10MBps(According to my tests)
  • 56.5x20.8x11.8(LxWxH)mm
  • 10g
  • CE FCC
  • Limited Lifetime 2 year warranty


MoserBaer these days is selling the PenDrives bundled with a nice freebie. It is offering a 6 month susbcription of Trust Port Antivirus for free with most Pen Drives. The pen drive I am talking about here is also bundled with one. Of course it is just an okay A/V but well, it does add to the value for the money you pay, right?


I used the Ubuntu Disk Utility on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for benchmarking the Pen Drive. The images are screen shots of the tests I ran on this Pen Drive.

As you can see the read speed is satisfactory for a USB 2.0 Pen Drive, but the write speed ain't. Though when I ran my own tests with data transfers, I saw the write speed were higher than 3MBps, again satisfactory for a USB 2.0 Pen Drive.

Speed Tests

Data Type Max. Speed Min. Speed Average Speed
Large File 14.23 MBps 5.87MBps 10MBps
Small Files/
Discrete Data
8MBs 3MBps 6MBps


The Pen Drive comes with a limited lifetime 2 year warranty. The warranty is limited to replacement only and does not include direct, consequential, or incidental loss arising out of use of, or inability to use the product. Proof of purchase is required to get the warranty. At most they'd replace your device with a refurbished product(NOT A NEW ONE!)

MoserBaer Contact Information

Mfg: 66, Udyog Vihar, Greater NOIDA, U.P. - 201306

Support Executive: 438, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi - 110020
Toll Free Number: 1800-111-113 (MTNL/BSNL/Airtel/Reliance)
Contact: 011-40594512
Buy Online:


3.5/5 stars

It is a good pen drive for everyday simple use, like using in office, or with friends, etc. Though if you are a "speed freak" then you should not go for this one. You should rather not go for any USB 2.0 Pen Drive then. For normal users who want to stay pocket-friendly, go for this Pen Drive. It is really worth buying and a good product!