Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Welcome Message for you All!

Hello everyone!

Myself "Critix", the owner of this blog. I am bringing for you all my own review portal even when I know so many popular and trustworthy ones already exist! I agree my attempt might turn to yet another website/blog in the pool of so many others with similar content, with better writers and which are already scoring high with regular readers, visitors and subscribers, but still I would try my level best to make this place as good as I can. Whatever things I think most reviews on Internet lack, I mean from my point of view, I will try to post reviews which don't lack those things/points.

I hope you all make a wonderful readership to my blog and help me get rid of my deficiencies in writing, post your suggestions and requests to help make this blog better and transform it into a bubbling community of people from all around the globe.

For information related to the content, my disclosure, my blog policy, and my contact, please check the Disclosure Policy Page.

Thank you for your time around here, I hope to be here regularly with new and cool stuff for all of you.

~Cheers and Regards~
Mr. Critix

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